Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Artist Statement

As a photographer, I am priviledged to say that I am quite content with the career goals I have set for myself thus far.

What was once simply a hobby to me, is evolving into a means of successful enterprise and business. None of this would be possible without furthering my self-awareness, photographic and creative technique, and my education.

In part, I believe I have my great grandfather, “Poppy” to thank. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I should thank him, in his memory- for embedding an artistic understanding and creative eye into my DNA...We should never abandon the true value of hand-me-downs and lessons from our ancestors. Never miss the opportunity to take a snapshot of your life. These are all gifts which cannot be replaced by success, money, or material items. We should be reminded that our passions stem directly from what we learn in our youth. If I learned only one thing from Poppy, it was to pursue my dreams and make them a reality. I found my craft and it just happens to be photography. I don’t do it because I have to do it. I do it because it brings me enjoyment and helps me sort through my own rampant thoughts. I capture my own reality as I see it. Let me capture yours and you will have a memorable instance of time.

I remember stories from my Mother and Grandmother of how Poppy (Charles “Chuck” Reibman) relocated with his wife “Mimi”(Irene) and family from a bitter cold in New York to Sunny South Florida in 1959. How he sold his camera shop in Long Island and gave up commercial photography in Chicago to support his wife who had cancer.  She (Mimi) longed for a change of weather and he agreed. He continued on in Miami, in a partnership with a man at a failing music equipment store. The new and improved store was called MusicCam. It lasted awhile but was eventually disbanded.

Poppy, determined as ever, took his gear and mere capital down to the old fishing pier. Literally. He supported his entire family by making photos of tourists going out on sightseeing cruises and fishing folks with their prize winning catches down at Pier 5 in Miami, Florida.

Now we call it Bayside/Bayfront Park.

Poppy understood his client base from his portraiture and commercial years in New York and Chicago and offered them a beautiful product they couldn’t resist. His little enterprise spread like wildfire across the dock and he made a decent living. He made it convenient for his customers to come back in about an hour for a glossy 5x7 print for a dollar. His photos are timeless and speak out to the viewer in many ways. He seemed to capture people at their best in their Sunday’s best.

Poppy was a photo genius in my eyes and I only hope to continue living within his legacy and determination. With the passion and genius he embedded inside of me, I feel I cannot go wrong.

"Photography only appreciates with time, because time is appreciated with photography." ~JDB. 09/15/2010

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Inspired... A photographer's blog for photographers.

Hello Friends,
Me again... It has been awhile since my last post but I didn't want you to think I was going stale or fading away. Actually, I have been on the grind with networking and career building.

Not sure how much this has worked in my favor, (its too early to really know) but I could never let my dream of being a pro photographer crumble. It's my rhyme and reason

The economy is slowly coming back (at least that is the rumor) and alot of photographers are doing everything they can to reinvent themselves, market their businesses, and redirect their time and resources to find new clients and appeal to existing clients and creatives. 

Almost literally, we are taking a ride on the freight train of digital capture technology- which coincidently is zooming through town at the speed of light, and you will see the trends changing frequently leaving some of us bewildered about which piece of equipment or networking tool works best.

In contrast to growing one's investment to photography... So many veteran photographers are just 'throwing in the towel' and are seeking other creative areas to focus their time. And some photographers are just plain fed up. It's a new day for the shutterbug, to say the least...

... My main purpose to writing this blog (in case you wonder) is this:

It is to remind all of you (and myself) who might feel like you are hanging on by a tiny thread whether just starting out, or continously evolving your business --- that living a life as a photographer can still be extremely glamorous and enjoyable. So many people want to do it,  and it's no wonder why. Photography still has a dynamic you won't find in very many 'jobs'. It guarantees that we will see things differently. It enables us to 'envision' our ideas and develop ways to tell that story through (sometimes detailed) planning, tapping into a creative part of the brain, and making the image we hope to make. The simple sound of a shutter functioning creates a vibration so beautiful in my brain, its hard to believe anyone would say its just a hobby. It's a life to so many. 

 It's poetry to me... Everytime. Even during those 'horrible light' days. I remind myself of the perfect days. It's therapy..... And it inspires me to see how we can still do it for the love of it. 

I can totally appreciate anyone in this industry, who refuses to give up their vision because of the growing pressures of this profession. I commend anyone with the 'cojones' to stand up in the face of a struggling economy and shine harder than they ever have, just to have a presence at all or be able to survive as a pro. I give my best to those who are searching for ways to cut their costs in this costly business, while trying to remain competitive and in demand, and deliver a high quality product or service.

Its work...

... It pays to be dedicated to your work.

We can collectively keep this a lucrative business and weed out the lowballers by delivering 120% of our worth and integrity and resist bending over for those who are squeezing the ($)life($) out of us by ignorantly comparing the costs of digital to film. Let them know... Don't be afraid to kindly inform them: Digital is way more expensive in the sense that time is money and good equipment cost 1000% of what it used to.

We can weather the storm of any recession as long as we keep it professional and don't price ourselves like amateurs or a starving industry. We are still the ones behind the scenes that can make it happen.

I will end by quoting one of the best photographers of our history...

"Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created.  It is a major force in explaining man to man".  ~Edward Steichen
I love you all... |||JDB||| 05/30/2011 |||

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making Sense With Our Sight

Sometimes in life we are faced with a dliemma of what to do with our precious time on earth.

I learned that I can visually embrace my time through photography as a medium.

By showing frames from my life- I gain a better understanding of where I have been, the experiences I've had, and the importance of documentation.

Photography can be used for many things. It can tell a story, illustrate an idea, reinforce a personal value, make us laugh,as well as cry, and still have the power to reside in our memories, long after 'the dust has settled'.

I am grateful for the ability to use visual expression in a way that I can count on.

Whether doing it for fun, experimentation, or as a job- I don't think I will ever really just 'put down my camera'. It means to much to give notice to the beauty of things...

There is just too much to see, capture, document, and illustrate. I love sharing. Hope you feel the expression.

Enjoy life and its little gifts.

The sense of sight is just one of many we can feel blessed to be born with.

||| JDB Photography ||| 03.29.2011 |||

Thursday, February 24, 2011

For The Love Of Nature

Nature is something I always enjoy making photographs of. I feel some of my best work is represented in this category. The subtle form of a rose petal, the intricate design of a simple palm frond, the magical buzz of a bumble bee... All of the subject matter in nature will always be there for the moment of capture. When I need to slip away from reality for awhile and get some photo therapy, I find myself capturing nature most of the time. It is one of those subjects that is inviting as well as ever changing. Love your surroundings. I do.

Shutter Fun

I love experimental photography. Zooming and shutter dragging can be quite phenomenal under the right conditions. Using a tripod becomes unnecessary at a certain point. Go with the flow and energize your photos with streaming light waves and mezmorizing design. It keeps me in a trance which cannot be explained. Light has a way of calling my innermost primitive self. Use the light to your advantage. The surprises are endless. The gifts are appreciated as well. |||JDB|||02/24/2011|||

"Under The Bridge"

"A Common Place"

"Light Rays"

"Parking Lot Lighting"

"In Motion"

"Delicate Dance"

"Lamp Shade"

"Destination Unknown"

"Interior Madness"

"While We Are Still Young"
"Keep trying new things. You never know what you can get." 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It Feels Good To Be A Photographer

Being a photographer has never felt so good. To see is a gift... One I would never want to lose. A single photograph can be worth 1000 words. Our photos can be bold, fun, witty, intellectual, intriguing, experimental, fashionable, therapeutic, documenting, memorable, passionate, scientific, natural, magical, mystical, faked(set up), realistic, historical, vibrant, plain, saturated with color, black&white, newsworthy, boring(we hope not), striking, timed perfectly, blurred beyond belief, rich, poor, monumental, magnificent, etc...

Here are a few shots which I have taken in the last 6 months.
I wonder if you will have any words about them. If you do I'd love to hear them.
Drop a comment or visit me on Facebook. I'd love to share stories or get new ideas.

"Life is a Gamble"

"Sunset Over 17th"

"Forever Young"

"The Light"

"Fellow Female Photog"

"How Many Monkeys?"

"The Look"

"A Real Wiseguy"
So?????? Did you come up with any words of your own?
When I make photos I try to give them words of their own.
Can you tell? 

I can't wait to see what I'll be shooting next.
I'll be posting something real soon.
Just need to free up some time.
Thanks for viewing.

||| JDB ||| 02/15/11 |||

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Utilizing our skillsets

As my visual integrity evolves and I gain more experience and aquire more skills, I always remind myself not to take things overboard. Of course it is acceptable to manipulate images in post production using the thousands of programs available to us. Why wouldn't it be?

For the sternly technical fine art photographer who lives as a caveman beating his chest slandering photoshop users and the one who doesn't appreciate technology, I can see a point of keeping your captures limited to what is available. But in the world of digital photography, we are encouraged to use our resources to fix all sorts of things.

Don't forget that not all of us can afford fancy diffusers, variable output flashes, filters that give you results, or cameras that coincide with the cutting edge. We use what we can to get by and I am grateful we can 'fix' alot of it later. This is one reason we should never sell ourselves short in getting our contracts signed for a fair market value. We spend way more time in the digital darkroom (until our eyes are strained) piling through our huge image banks, retouching, cropping, fixing red eye, color correcting, adding effects...... You get the point.

This particular image was a high key glamour shoot of Karen, who was a fabulous subject to have in the studio. Her makeup was self applied and I was glad she didn't overdo it. Neither one of us could get a makeup artist at the time to volunteer. I didn't mind because I knew it could be fixed later. I concentrated more on getting solid expressions from her which would make the job of editing outtakes easier. Thank you Adobe (they didn't pay me for that) for creating Photoshop and keeping it moving in a good direction for photographers and designers alike. We would be "cavemen" without it. |||JDB-01/30/2011|||

Friday, January 14, 2011

Billy Vazquez and Border Patrol

Billy Vazquez - lead vocals/guitar

Jimmy Powers - rhythm guitar 

Rodrigo Zambrano - bass guitar

John Yarling - drums

sitting in...
David Shelley - dijembe drum

If you haven't heard them yet, you are missing out.
Especially if you love Funk, Blues, RnB, Rockabilly, Etc...

Take it from me - these guys can pull a crowd and keep them groovin til the sun comes up. They don't mind playing an Encore for the screaming fans. They are in it for the love of music, Because of this and their diverse and distinct talents, I see them striking up a tour or record deal soon. Be on the lookout at at local venues around South Florida. Come out to Fort Lauderdale and show your support. You wont be sorry.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Hanging on the Music"

At this very moment I am at a local bar (where I now work weekends as a bar back), supporting my good friend Beverly, who is an amazing songwriter & musician. She plays over 10 instruments & always has a smile & a hug waiting for me when our paths cross. I am highly appreciative of what Beverly does for a living. I have a much larger respect for the friendship that has been built. She is the definition of a performing artist, first & foremost, taking her love for music and translating it into raw therapy for anyone willing to listen. She commands attention without screaming into the microphone & has the soul of an old wise philosopher. She keeps her own rhythm in life with her Guild acoustic guitar and Alexi keyboard, but always supports the fellow musician and offers her guitar or mic up for a new sound. She has a subtle heartfelt kindness in her home as well as on stage. Beverly's time in the limelight can't be denied because she is that good.- And for these reasons, she deserves praise.

Human kind needs an uplift. Don't get me wrong, there are alot of really good people in this world & I believe we each have something wonderful to offer one another. Take it from a fellow Cancerian like Beverly. Our Zodiac sign similarity is one that is naturally gifted and artistic. We are passionate about life and love good company. It is our business to please. I feel Beverly's contribution is greater because she knows how to make people feel good with music and a genuine smile. Behind that smile there is years of experience.

Lyrics and rhythm in music can grab us by the seat of our pants and take us to places way beyond our fears about death or confusion of love. Alot of great music and artistic genius is filled with sadness. This is unavoidable because as artists we want to see the world happy and we feel grief in a big way when those around us are unhappy. As artists of all types, we sing, play, sculpt, paint, create and capture our way through life & only hope for positive change in the world and in ourselves. I appreciate every chance to photograph such an amazingly talented person. Without this proof and kind of documentation along with the ocassional recording, its all just noises off in the distance. Step outside and follow those noises to the music that you hang on to (sometimes by an emotional thread). It defines us as lovers of life. Every one of us.
||| JDB 01/12/2011 |||