Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Artist Statement

As a photographer, I am priviledged to say that I am quite content with the career goals I have set for myself thus far.

What was once simply a hobby to me, is evolving into a means of successful enterprise and business. None of this would be possible without furthering my self-awareness, photographic and creative technique, and my education.

In part, I believe I have my great grandfather, “Poppy” to thank. I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but I should thank him, in his memory- for embedding an artistic understanding and creative eye into my DNA...We should never abandon the true value of hand-me-downs and lessons from our ancestors. Never miss the opportunity to take a snapshot of your life. These are all gifts which cannot be replaced by success, money, or material items. We should be reminded that our passions stem directly from what we learn in our youth. If I learned only one thing from Poppy, it was to pursue my dreams and make them a reality. I found my craft and it just happens to be photography. I don’t do it because I have to do it. I do it because it brings me enjoyment and helps me sort through my own rampant thoughts. I capture my own reality as I see it. Let me capture yours and you will have a memorable instance of time.

I remember stories from my Mother and Grandmother of how Poppy (Charles “Chuck” Reibman) relocated with his wife “Mimi”(Irene) and family from a bitter cold in New York to Sunny South Florida in 1959. How he sold his camera shop in Long Island and gave up commercial photography in Chicago to support his wife who had cancer.  She (Mimi) longed for a change of weather and he agreed. He continued on in Miami, in a partnership with a man at a failing music equipment store. The new and improved store was called MusicCam. It lasted awhile but was eventually disbanded.

Poppy, determined as ever, took his gear and mere capital down to the old fishing pier. Literally. He supported his entire family by making photos of tourists going out on sightseeing cruises and fishing folks with their prize winning catches down at Pier 5 in Miami, Florida.

Now we call it Bayside/Bayfront Park.

Poppy understood his client base from his portraiture and commercial years in New York and Chicago and offered them a beautiful product they couldn’t resist. His little enterprise spread like wildfire across the dock and he made a decent living. He made it convenient for his customers to come back in about an hour for a glossy 5x7 print for a dollar. His photos are timeless and speak out to the viewer in many ways. He seemed to capture people at their best in their Sunday’s best.

Poppy was a photo genius in my eyes and I only hope to continue living within his legacy and determination. With the passion and genius he embedded inside of me, I feel I cannot go wrong.

"Photography only appreciates with time, because time is appreciated with photography." ~JDB. 09/15/2010