Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making Sense With Our Sight

Sometimes in life we are faced with a dliemma of what to do with our precious time on earth.

I learned that I can visually embrace my time through photography as a medium.

By showing frames from my life- I gain a better understanding of where I have been, the experiences I've had, and the importance of documentation.

Photography can be used for many things. It can tell a story, illustrate an idea, reinforce a personal value, make us laugh,as well as cry, and still have the power to reside in our memories, long after 'the dust has settled'.

I am grateful for the ability to use visual expression in a way that I can count on.

Whether doing it for fun, experimentation, or as a job- I don't think I will ever really just 'put down my camera'. It means to much to give notice to the beauty of things...

There is just too much to see, capture, document, and illustrate. I love sharing. Hope you feel the expression.

Enjoy life and its little gifts.

The sense of sight is just one of many we can feel blessed to be born with.

||| JDB Photography ||| 03.29.2011 |||