Sunday, May 29, 2011

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Hello Friends,
Me again... It has been awhile since my last post but I didn't want you to think I was going stale or fading away. Actually, I have been on the grind with networking and career building.

Not sure how much this has worked in my favor, (its too early to really know) but I could never let my dream of being a pro photographer crumble. It's my rhyme and reason

The economy is slowly coming back (at least that is the rumor) and alot of photographers are doing everything they can to reinvent themselves, market their businesses, and redirect their time and resources to find new clients and appeal to existing clients and creatives. 

Almost literally, we are taking a ride on the freight train of digital capture technology- which coincidently is zooming through town at the speed of light, and you will see the trends changing frequently leaving some of us bewildered about which piece of equipment or networking tool works best.

In contrast to growing one's investment to photography... So many veteran photographers are just 'throwing in the towel' and are seeking other creative areas to focus their time. And some photographers are just plain fed up. It's a new day for the shutterbug, to say the least...

... My main purpose to writing this blog (in case you wonder) is this:

It is to remind all of you (and myself) who might feel like you are hanging on by a tiny thread whether just starting out, or continously evolving your business --- that living a life as a photographer can still be extremely glamorous and enjoyable. So many people want to do it,  and it's no wonder why. Photography still has a dynamic you won't find in very many 'jobs'. It guarantees that we will see things differently. It enables us to 'envision' our ideas and develop ways to tell that story through (sometimes detailed) planning, tapping into a creative part of the brain, and making the image we hope to make. The simple sound of a shutter functioning creates a vibration so beautiful in my brain, its hard to believe anyone would say its just a hobby. It's a life to so many. 

 It's poetry to me... Everytime. Even during those 'horrible light' days. I remind myself of the perfect days. It's therapy..... And it inspires me to see how we can still do it for the love of it. 

I can totally appreciate anyone in this industry, who refuses to give up their vision because of the growing pressures of this profession. I commend anyone with the 'cojones' to stand up in the face of a struggling economy and shine harder than they ever have, just to have a presence at all or be able to survive as a pro. I give my best to those who are searching for ways to cut their costs in this costly business, while trying to remain competitive and in demand, and deliver a high quality product or service.

Its work...

... It pays to be dedicated to your work.

We can collectively keep this a lucrative business and weed out the lowballers by delivering 120% of our worth and integrity and resist bending over for those who are squeezing the ($)life($) out of us by ignorantly comparing the costs of digital to film. Let them know... Don't be afraid to kindly inform them: Digital is way more expensive in the sense that time is money and good equipment cost 1000% of what it used to.

We can weather the storm of any recession as long as we keep it professional and don't price ourselves like amateurs or a starving industry. We are still the ones behind the scenes that can make it happen.

I will end by quoting one of the best photographers of our history...

"Photography records the gamut of feelings written on the human face, the beauty of the earth and skies that man has inherited, and the wealth and confusion man has created.  It is a major force in explaining man to man".  ~Edward Steichen
I love you all... |||JDB||| 05/30/2011 |||