Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Moment For Reflection

Greetings Friends,
It has been awhile since I've shown any activity on this blog. To be honest, I've been quite busy dealing with many things. This includes the nuances of constant transition, career building, relationships, relocation, etc...
I've been meaning to write something substantial and post some photos for a long time. I apologize (mostly to myself) for not contributing to this journal of sorts sooner... We all tend to neglect certain aspects of our lives and need to remember that we are born neglecting and taking for granted our many blessings. We don't always see clearly and our internal voice starves to be heard. The "don't have time right now" or "I'll get around to it" mentalities keep us stagnant and procrastinating, even if we are at our prime or busy as hell, we sometimes lose virtue and forget how to feel. Discouraging the voice of reason within us. The voice that gives weight to our many musings.
We must always remember to take a moment for breathing, writing, and reflecting. What fun would it be if we went on learning things from life's lessons to never remember them later or be able to reflect them in our work. Especially for the creative artist and photographer. We have to evolve or else the lessons are useless.
Because seeing is what makes us unique and valuable. If we can't take a deep look inside, the outside seems ordinary. If we don't value each moment we have and reflect time to time, we sell ourselves short of feeling.
Whether our experiences are good or bad is irrelevant... It's how we feel like a part of the universe in the process of our experiences. We shouldn't float through our experiences void of feeling. We should "see" our ability to capture as a gift. Reminding us of our continual presence. We have to shed our insecurities and take risks. Be innovative. And remember to not just look at experiences and things that surround us... SEE THEM.
And reflect on it. Shake your tail feathers like nobody is watching, get out there, and experiment. Not just with your craft or fascination... With the inner voice that drives you. If you let go of your inhibitions and try something new, you are becoming transparent. And you will see right through all the tensions, emotions, difficulties that become a threat to your creative counterparts.
Photographers are often described as distancing themselves from their surroundings by hiding behind a camera or viewing the world only through a viewfinder.
That couldn't be further from the truth. We are some of the most mindful people in existence and we see things in a contemplative way. So why not take a moment to stroke the ego and do a bit of reflection. Stop what you are doing and reflect. Any way you can.
I will try to do more blogging for this reason. It helps me look back and I hope it also serves the reader in an inspirational way. Until next time...